Sunday, March 24, 2013

five things


i've been tagged for this five things thingamabobber a couple times now and it's about time i posting my five since i've enjoyed reading everybody else's posts.  

[five things]
1. i peel my oranges all in one piece.  the very first drawing class i took in college involved peeling an orange strategically in one piece and then drawing it for several weeks as it decayed.  so, now it's a thing.  and i eat a lot of clementines.  

2. i'm getting married in less than two months and it still hasn't hit me, even though i've been getting daily rsvp updates.  i feel like i should be freaking out or something, but instead i'm just making lots of lists and wondering things like "how many balloons is way too many?"  (slightly too many is what i'm going for.)

3. i firmly believe that mashed potatoes are the answer to many problems.  hunger, headaches, bad days at work, cold weather, receiving too many potatoes as gifts, etc.  "mash it" is always the answer.  

4. i associate songs very heavily with activities/events.  taylor swift's "i knew you were trouble" makes my abs hurt just thinking about yogi bicycle crunches (since i realize how weak my core is every thursday night to that song).  lcd soundsystem's "all my friends" takes me straight back to grad school and hijacking playlists at parties just to make sure that this song was always played.  the decemberists' "california one youth and beauty brigade" makes me think of the very first concert the boy and i went to together in LA.  it was also the first time i left work early on a friday and i thought it was the bee's knees.  i still do actually.  i also still think he is the bee's knees (see number two above.)

5. i mix around and combine words all the time.  i've got the boy portmanteau-ing it up with me lately pretty hard core.  when you're grouchy and lazy you're a "grouch potato".  when you're snacking on cucumbers you're "snackumbering".  back in high school on long runs for lacrosse, i used to reverse the first sound of people's first and last names (bill clinton is kill blinton, demi moore is memi door, tom hanks is hom tanks) for miles of running.  bonus fact, i played a sport once!  it was the height of my athleticism.  now i only participate in competitive athleticism once a year for charity.  

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