Wednesday, March 6, 2013

dotty, ponytails, and stretchy pants

oh, hi!
ever since i joined a yoga studio back in november, i've been spending quite a bit of my monthly clothing budget on stretchy clothes. so, it's about time they showed up on the bloggity-blog.

yoga outfits
tank: forever21 (similar)
pants: c9 (exactly)

to a cardio yoga class.  (i go to a super non-traditional yoga studio, so i get destroyed every week by flowing with weights in a hot room to a loud beibs-tastic soundtrack.  it's very un-zen.  and burns 464 calories.)

yoga outfits2
tank: lululemon
shorts: c9 (similar)
shoes: new balance (similar)

to a spin class.  (hence the wearing of sneakers)

yoga outfits3
tank: forever21 (exactly)
pants: new balance (similar)
warm hoodie for afterward: martin and osa (similar)

to a vinyasa class.  

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