Tuesday, November 22, 2011

dotty and the orange day

dotty outfit
orange: thrifted (similar in purple)
gray: thrifted (similar)
tights: forever21 (similar)
boots: oldnavy (similar)
necklaces: forever21+dottymade

i don't typically pair an 80s-ish thrifted thing with another of its kind, but this brightness needed some serious grays. and this is probably the closest i've come to matching the red books in that book stack. some days just call for crazy bright orange. and some times when a shirt hangs in my closet for six months mocking me, i eventually wear it.

dashdotdotty, tie-neck, orange, thrifted, 80s, pleats, polyester, layered necklaces, gray wool pencil, boots, fall outfit

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