Thursday, September 15, 2011

dotty and a dress shirt

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dress shirt: ny&co circa 2006 (similar)
pencil skirt: banana republic (almost exactly)
heels: target (exactly)
shiny belt: old navy (similar)
headband: forever21 (similar)

when i started my first post-college job i thought that solid color dress shirts were the key to business casual. so, i stocked up. and wore them.  everyday, untucked, with flared dress pants to work. now i shudder at the thought of this. only two shirts from this era still exist in my closet and this is one of them. i really like the color and figured that someday it would come in handy. i think i am finally at the point where i can incorporate such a basic into my wardrobe without it feeling like someone else's style. so, take that, 2006. i have reclaimed cuffs and collars.

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dashdotdotty,this sucker made weekly appearances last summer in vegas.

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