Friday, September 16, 2011

dash of organization


earlier this week, my remixability was featured over on the go chic or go home blog, so it's probably as good a time as any to tell you about my new-found interetsy friend and blog sponsor.  while my suburban days of giant walk-in closets are over, my new virtual closet is always super organized and tidy.  it's even arranged by color AND type AND season AND style, something i never managed to figure out how to do with hanging rods and shelves.  

go chic or go home, outfit planning tools, style tips
(mah jewelz)

the site also allows you make ensembles from items in your closet, so you can plan outfits ahead of time without emptying out your dresser onto your bed.  (i may or may not do this a whole lot.)  

(an ensemble i put together to figure out what to wear with my purple pants the other day)

so, if you've ever wondered how many gray skirts i have in my closet right now (five) or have a similar fondness for organization, leave a comment below and i can setup a meet and greet.  or just an invitation.  no one will offer you champagne.  sorry about that.  

oh, and one more thing.  yes mom, i know that i still have a mountain of (not just) winter clothes at home that aren't just going to donate themselves.  

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