Thursday, May 12, 2011

springtime dotty

dash dot dotty style blog jeans sunnies silk thrifted
silk top: thrifted (similar)
jeans: forever21 (similar)
boots: old navy
orange: tripled up necklace (last seen here)
sunnies: ray-ban (exactly)

dash dot dotty style blog jeans sunnies silk thrifted annie hall woodyallen

to brunch

dash dot dotty style blog jeans sunnies silk thrifted
  • the boy said that i looked like i wandered out of woody allen movie.  
  • i found this silk top at a thrift store last week and knew immediately that it was meant to be.  a big bow, a funny print, and pearly buttons.  sold.
  • tulips!

dash dot dotty style blog jeans sunnies silk thrifted
[previously on] gray boots
these boots have actually already been featured before, but weardrobe clocks them at being remixed and documented 28 times, so they deserve some more attention.

remix gray boots dash dot dotty style blog
summer 2010, and then three from late winter/early spring 2011


  1. Awesome shirt!!! I hope you're enjoying your travels, you deserve it :) I definitely didn't do enough of that before jumping into the workforce full-time!

  2. Woody Allen movie=compliment!

    That blouse is awesome! It's amazing what some people will donate to thrift stores---treasure!

  3. I love your top! You always seem to find so many cute blouses at the thrift store.

  4. Oh, I've been looking for such great GREY boots for like two years! I had similar long, long time ago (like 6 years ago) from Primark, but they only survived two seasons (that's Primark quality I guess) - I wore them to death! ;) X

  5. Great blouse


  6. Cute blouse and I love that you dressed it down with jeans. The necklace is pretty cool as a bracelet. :)

  7. That blouse is a great thrift find. I like the print!

  8. Printed black & white blouse and red bracelet, I love love that combo. You look adorable or maybe adottable (your signature style!!!)

    Thanks for visting my blog.


  9. Ooh the necklace came back as a bracelet!