Thursday, August 18, 2016

dotty, pink, and pink

july outfit
jacket: h and m
tunic: zara
jeans: vince
flats: vince

[three things]
1. I've been using a lot of blush pink lately to make my all-neutrals-all-the-time closet just a smidge more interesting.  I'm thinking that olive green might be my next foray into seasonal accent colors.

2. I've been really shying away from heels at work, so these pointy-toed flats have been dressing things up a bit.  It helps that I have two pairs of the same shoes in different colors.  And I might have my eye on a black pair to complete the trifecta.

3. Have we talked about my bangs yet?  They seem like old news to me now, but random co-workers still keep telling me how I look like a different person.  #giantofficeproblems

july outfit

july outfit

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