Friday, July 8, 2016

dotty, linen rompers, and clock habits

dottying [wearing] 
romper: old navy
scarf: old navy
sandals: gap
bag: skip and hop
watch: mvmt

[three things]
1. I've added two rompers to my collection this summer to bring my closet total to four.  I'm going to blame this on spending a good chunk of the summer on maternity leave.

2. I got bored with my maternity wardrobe at one point and instead of buying more shirts I bought a few new scarves (including this triangle-tastic one).  It was definitely a good idea.  One size accessories for the win.

3. I'm trying to become a watch person because I want to break the habit of checking my phone during meetings just to see the time.  (I think it's rude, but I do it all the time even when there's a clock in the room!)  We'll see how this works out.



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