Wednesday, September 24, 2014

dotty, black grids, and good days

fall outfits [wearing]
dress: Y.A.S.
leather jacket: michael michael kors
jacket underneath: thrifted
giant bag: madewell
boots: forever21

[three things]
1. I wore this last week to work when I wanted to look especially cool.  I had my first performance review, so I wanted that favorite-new-dress confidence boost.  It went really well, so I really had nothing to worry about.

2. Boots, y'all.  It's definitely been feeling autumnal around here.

3. I used to be so totally against wearing all black because it seemed so boring, but now it just makes so much sense.  Also with the lack of color in my closet, it definitely happens much more often.

fall outfits

fall outfits

fall outfits

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