Friday, August 15, 2014

dotty, casual weddings, and the mister

august outfit
dress: j.crew (exactly)
boots: old navy (exactly)
necklace: forever21
clutch: marc jacobs for target

[three things]
1. i had heels with me in the car, but i was convinced at the last minute just to keep my roadtrip boots on instead.  it was a super casual wedding (there were baseball caps and jeans in attendance) so it was a good call for some wandering between the ceremony and dinner.

2. i should also point out that the boots champion was also wearing boots.  we're cute like that apparently.

3. we've been making a whole lot of trips home to michigan this summer and while we are both super impatient roadtrippers (we require frequent stops for milkshakes) it's been really nice being more connected to our families.

august outfit
august outfit

august outfit

august outfit

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