Friday, November 15, 2013

dotty, vests, and day ten

day ten, thirty day remix, dash dot dotty, neutrals outfits for work, trench vest, animal print h and m top, j.crew pixie pants
shirt: h&m (similar)
vest: forever21
pants: j.crew factory (exactly)
scarf: souvenir
flats: old navy (exactly)

[three things]
1. all my j.crew factory almost-pants are just a wee bit too long.  i want them to hit more like these pants.  for some reason it doesn't bother me in the mirror, but does in photos.

2. friiiiiiday!  my co-worker crew has a fun-lunch and site tour planned for today to help spruce up what has been a kinda lame sauce week for all of us.

3. hot yoga when it's cold outside is the bestest.  my office is cold and our "vintage" apartment is drafty, so spending an hour at a muggy one-oh-five degrees is just amazing.

november outfit

november outfit

november outfit

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