Tuesday, October 15, 2013

dotty, print pants, and fancy-jamas

october outfit
jacket: michael michael kors
sweater: vince (exactly)
pants: forever21 (exactly)
wedges: elie tahari (similar)
bag: phillip lim for target

creative: lately i've really into slouchy looks that still look put-together, (i think of it as "fancy-jamas") so i've been pinning quite a few to try and figure out how to look more "fancy" and less "pajama".  so far my list is made up of structured bag, simple heels, a big necklace, a skinny belt, and a jacket.  and while i work in a strangely conservative office for a creative profession, i've decided that instead of conforming, i'm just going to be that girl.
young: um...printed jersey harem pants.  but these are made for someone approximately a foot taller than me, so a lot of the harem-ness gets eaten up by necessary high-waisted-ness.
professional: heels, fancy-looking bag, neutrals.  you know, the usual suspects.

october outfit

october outfit

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