Thursday, June 20, 2013

dotty, intimidating shoes, and naming ceremonies

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trench vest: forever21 (similar)
spots underneath: collective concepts
pants: zara (similar)
flats: steve madden (similar)
purse: target

[three things]

1. um...i wore this outfit kinda recently but with different shoes.  annnnd i still like it. and will probably combine this top and vest again sometime soon-ish.  

2. these shoes get a lot of comments at work whenever i wear them because the spikes look a bit threatening.  considering that i am super (sometimes fake) nice all the time at work, maybe it's a good thing to be a lil bit intimidating every once in awhile.  

3. we recently got a new camera body and i haven't quite figured everything out yet, so my photo quality has been kinda all over the map lately.  i think i had just gotten used to the quirks of our old camera, bruce.  maybe the new guy just needs an official name.  i thought about "bryce" since it's almost "bruce" and then my sister suggested "bryce springsteen".  love it.  




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