Tuesday, May 7, 2013

dotty, weddings, and shoes

wedding shoesies, vince camuto, suede wedding pumps, pointy toe wedding shoes
[three things]
1. these are my wedding shoes!  i tried on a bajillion pairs of white "wedding" shoes and was settled on a wedge that was comfortable, but made my toes look a little funny and had a ruffle that looked like it was standing up too straight.  and then one day i had some time to kill and was wandering the non-prom/wedding aisles of DSW and came across these beauties.  they fit like a dream and the cashier did some sort of return/exchange/coupons/points magic that knocked my socks off when i saw the total.  
2. if i desaturate, crank up the contrast, and mess with the blackness slider can i make any photo look like it's ready for a wedding album?  
3. we are totes getting married this weekend!  eeep!  i am finally getting really, really excited to marry my most favorite person ever, go to an awesome party with all our friends and family in one spot, and then go on an epic vacation.  i have seen so much incredible kindess and generousity from my friends, family, future family, colleagues, and clients in the last few weeks that i am so surprised and overwhelmed by it.  i expect to start crying sometime on friday and probably not stop until we get on a plane!  anyway, i'll see y'all back here in june, so have a great month!

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