Wednesday, July 4, 2012

dotty, june, and rice

june seems to have flown by, so i though it's time for another recap.

finishing: up the last bits of a big project at work and being very proud of toughing out my first seventy hour work week. i'm a lightweight when it comes to working long hours and i get really grouchy when i eat dinner at work, so this is a big deal for me.  i can see myself getting more and more responsibility at work which is simultaneously scary and exciting.  it's like a haunted house, but with no ghosts.  and a lot more paper.  

beginning: an amazing five days off from work!  there's going to be some fireworks, a whole lot of lazing about, and a couple days at my parent's house.  all good stuff.

reading: murakami's the wind-up bird chronicle.  i'm enjoying it, but it seems to make me very sleepy, so i haven't even hit the halfway point yet even though i've been "reading" it for the last three months.

june dashes

eating: wild rice mixes with a veggie and fresh mozzarella.  it's so yummy and i've even started dressing like it...that's how good it is.


buying: far too many pencil skirts.  some strange combination of j.crew sales on punchy hues (see above) and shopping for the perfect light grey work skirt online have left me with SIX new skirts.  i don't even have hangers for all of them.

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