Friday, April 6, 2012

friday five: home

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oh, hi! i'm going to try something new where on fridays i make of list of five things i like. i'm not really sure where this will go, but it seems like a good spot for non-outfits to hang out.  this week, the five things are snippets of our home.

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1. our picture ledge.  
it needs some work still, but i like the direction it's headed in.

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2. our bedroom window.  
the cut layer is snow camouflage and the paper lamps have been following the boy for years.

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3. our kitchen clock and lightbulbs.  
the lights are a blik wall decal.

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4. couch pillow tableau.  
the furry one is a new friend that mysteriously ended up in my cart at target.

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5. spring scarves in my closet.  
all the winter ones have gotten pushed to the back.  

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