Tuesday, October 19, 2010

dash of tunicness

moto jacket: forever21
tunic: forever21
leggings: target
boots: brazil via ebay

class+studio (the usual)

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this moto jacket has been a buddy of mine since april (you also might know his brother, gray moto)

left to right: sightseeing in seattle in may, ready to ride in olivet in may, out to dinner in seattle in may, prepared for an over-cooled office in las vegas in july, and bundled up in chicago in april.


  1. Your jacket is awesome (I think I've said that before!). I really love seeing the different ways you have worn it :)

  2. This might be my favorite way you've worn that jacket! I really love it combined with the boots!
    Pocket of Presh

  3. I love your mix of neutrals here. And I almost bought a light khaki moto style jacket today but didn't, and looking at all your remixes I'm wishing that I would have!