Saturday, August 21, 2010

dash week #thirteen @work

i totally failed at wearing color this week, mostly due to my hatred of wrinkles...and of ironing.  i think tuesday and wednesday's outfits were my favorites this week.  thursday i wore leggings to work for the first time and realized that no one really cares about this (except for the other two girls that also wear not-pants to work).  anyway, week thirteen was my last full week of summer work, so after next wednesday i've put in my time as a grownup for the year.  yesssss!  then i'm back to thinking land (some people call it grad school) where there will be less heels, but more boots! 


  1. I think there was almost more color in neutral week. :) What happened to salmon shirt and green dress and yellow shoes?

    Also we still need to dress you and the kiddo in matching outfits! Let's get on this.

  2. I love Wednesday's outfit. The dress is so totally unique. - Katy

  3. tuesday's dress is fabulous, and i love the white blazer with the printed top!

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