Tuesday, July 11, 2017

recap: june

dash dot dotty

I've been in a work outfit rut lately and was looking back through my own archives (I knoooow--it's like how Maddie likes watching videos of herself) and really liked reading the monthly recaps I used to do.  So, let's get out the blogging gloves and recap June-ish.  In the middle of July though.

june things3 [wearing]
A lot of COS to work, a few fancy dresses to fun work events, and a lot of weekend sneakers.  (Dress on the right is from Asos)

june things2 [buying]
I just can't hop on the off-the-shoulder trend and it seems to be everywhere this year, so I've been focusing on my shoesdrobe.

Cole Haan leather sneakers
I wear these constantly because they have a super minimal profile and I can pretend that I'm wearing sneakers with a dress on purpose for my commute rather than looking like a devote powerwalker.

Mossimo Satin Slides
These are a recent acquisition and one hundred percent a product of them being displayed en route to the baby shampoo aisle.  So far they are comfortable enough for medium walks (less than a mile roundtrip) and are a comical combination of throwback to middle school sport slides and grandma-tastic satin slippers.

Madewell "Leila" suede sandals
I wanted a pair of sandals that were more work-ish than beach-ish, so this was my attempt.  So far they are not super comfy and it bothers me that the straps don't stay exactly parallel.

june things [reading]
Edward Tufte's Envisioning Information
I'm heading up the design side of new workplace standards for a very organized client at work, so I'm  brushing up on my graphic presentation skills.

Sophie Kinsella's My (Not So) Perfect Life
I'm just starting this based on a review over on the Cedar Park Blog and it has promise as a light read.

Amy Cuddy's Presence
I was assigned the goal of being louder within the giant office I work at, so I'm working on it (by using the most sciencey, TED talk-ish book I could find.)

For a beach week at the beginning of August and a wedding trip Missouri in September.  Bring on the beach towels and dancing shoes!  (Sidenote: how great is it when your friends that have been dating for forever finally get married?)

Friday, January 27, 2017

dotty, denim, and almost denim

december outfit [wearing] 
jacket: banana republic
chambray shirt: old navy
jeans: joe's
heels: bcbgeneration
bag: everlane

[three things]
1. Caaasual Friday for the win.

2. Jeans with heels seem to feel like the right combination of looking like you tried on a Friday.

3. I've had a string of Fridays with no client meetings and boy, it is super nice to finish the week by checking a bunch off things off my to-do list!

december outfit

Monday, January 23, 2017

dotty, wool blankets, and shiny pants

december outfit
cardigan: vince
top: loft
leggings: ross
flats: cos

[three things]
1. I bought this cardigan a size up when I was preggers and this winter I am very happy that this giant blanket exists in my closet.

2. Is it too much if I'm wearing a blanket cardigan and flats that look like slippers?  I told a co-worker the other day that I only buy clothes that feel like pajamas.  I was kinda kidding, but really not so much.

3. Big stripes and tiny spots would definitely make the pattern mixing all-star team.

december outfit

december outfit

Monday, December 5, 2016

dotty, really tall boots, and really long cardigans

december outfit
dress: j.crew
cardigan: old navy
bag: everlane
boots: old navy
necklace: target

[three things]
1. Hello!  It's been a minute, eh?  If you want to catch up on the places I've walked and a bajillion photos of my baby, then those two things are very well documented over on the 'gram.

2. These extra-tall boots recently joined my closet as part of my new-coats-and-boots-make-winter-slightly-better plan.

3. This dress has been in my closet for years now (evidence!) and that makes me strangely proud that I might just be finally making better purchases.  There were way too many years when it seemed like I was continually cleaning tons of stuff out of my closet that just didn't work out.  I still have to move things along, but the quantity is waaaaay less.

december outfit
[previously on] j.crew camille dress october outfit

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

dotty, cardicoats, and coatigans

the fallness
dress: loft
giant cardigan: cos
boots: loeffler randall

[three things]
1. Fall booooots!

2. Can I just keep the weather where it's crisp enough for big sweaters and boots, but not tights and hats?  Please, Midwest?

3. This cardigan is on the border between sweater and coat--which makes it perfect for a cold office since wearing a legit coat all day makes typing much more difficult.

the fallness

the fallness

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

dotty, crisp white, and...well, a bunch of dots.

the fallness
dots top: catherine catherine malandrino
jeans: vince
flats: vince

Since any "three things" commentary would mostly be about how I managed to successfully not impale any toddlers at daycare this week while unfolding Maddie's stroller or how baby food bananas smell really good, we'll go with a little more structure for today's post.

creative: This top seems like the prefect combination of pattern and texture.  And yeah, I like me some dots.

young: This is essentially just jeans and a white top, but the longer sleeve length makes the top a bit more serious.

professional: This was a Friday outfit, but it could have been another day of the week with no client meetings since my office is pretty casual.  (Or I could just swap the jeans for some gray dress pants.)

the fallness

the fallness